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Currently we are a small, growing, intimate fellowship with heart for Jesus and hoping you find that this is the place for you. We ask that you pray and hear what the Lord has for you and see if it is with us. Below you can see a short synopsis of our current ministries. Blessings!

Men's Ministry

We meet once a month for fellowship, to build relationships that we may grow into all that the Lord has for us as well as reach our community 

Pastoral Support

We provide support as needed for those who call on us.

Children's Ministry

We are looking forward to building our Children's Ministry as we move forward. Are you the one God has called to move this ministry forward? We look forward to meeting you.

Women's Ministry

Our Ladies meet once a month to fellowship and worship as well as look for ways to reach those in the community around us.

Pastoral Support
Volunteer Groups

This is a ministry we are looking forward to get up and running. If this is something God is calling you to, we look forward to meeting you.

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